Car Magnets

December 27, 2012  |  Car Magent, Vehicle Advertising, Vehicle Magent
Pirtek Car Magnet
Signco offers many ways to advertise on the go, but if you're not looking to stick a permanent vinyl adhesive on your vehicle, perhaps a car magnet is the answer. This is perfect for those who use there cars for business and personal. If you don't want lettering on your vehicle 24/7, we can create a custom magent for the doors, tailgate, or trailer. Often times we will include the logo, phone number and website address. Whatever you want created on a magent, we can print for you. These last a long time and they are very weather resistant. Not too mention there is no left over markings or impressions. The convenience of a car magnet is endless. Take them off when you go through the car wash. Switch cars or buy a new vehicle and you still have you advertisement ready to go! We can create the background color to match the car color or create contrast with white on black or silver on green. You are free to choose as you please and we will be happy to help with the rest! For your custom car magents call: 513-771-9090 for pricing and information.